Sustainable Transition Solutions

We guide our clients through challenging transformations. Together, we define the desired endstate and tailor the resources, adding capacity and expert knowledge to the internal teams when needed.

For organizations, the pressure to achieve the required results is higher than ever as the complexity and the agility of the changes required are increasing. Effectively changing an organization is an incredible competitive advantage. However, during a survey by Bain, 80% of the companies stated they failed to realize the expected results from recent change initiatives and this has been the case for the last decades.

We specialize in accelerating change by empowering the organization and providing the right guidance, capability, energy and capacity to effectively deal with the transformation.

Depending on the project and the available resources in place, we are able to deliver a variety of solutions:

  • Ideally, we are consulted at an early stage, allowing us to help formulate a strategy, change-objectives and a realistic game plan. We do so by making sure that we understand the change drivers, envisioned results and your future goals, and by challenging existing models/processes.
  • At times we get called in when a transformation effort has run out of fumes. In these situations we are able to reignite and re-energize a project by providing vision, structure, energy and resourcing.
  • During the transition we can govern the project, deal with program and project management (strategy/structure/processes/governance/people), enable business owners to create a new organization and execute the change.
  • We strengthen the HR function by providing structure and strategy, with experienced HR change professionals (experienced in: HR due diligence, global mobility, workforce transition, talent acquisition, negotiation with unions and corporate councils, restructuring, etc.) and with specialists in other fields.
  • We ensure both the business managers and the HR team will engage, learn and grow during the change to guarantee the transition is carried by the internal organization and corporate culture. Strong and ready for the future!

We often experience that the high demands placed on the existing HR teams during impactful changes are overlooked. The required skills and capacity are usually far beyond those of a normal HR representative and don’t line up with their usual, day-to-day tasks. This can outbalance ‘the business as usual’ and leave them with insufficient resources to support the change whilst also doing their regular jobs. We strengthen the team with strategic resources experienced in change, which is key to successful and sustainable change.

(*Bain Survey 2019)

Our range of HR expertise, covering all aspects of a transition:

  • Strategy
  • Business Processes Redesign
  • Program & Project Management
  • Interim HR Director/Management
  • HR Data Analytics
  • HR Consulting
  • Change Management
  • HR Business Partner
  • International HR Management
  • Labor Law
  • Financial Project Control
  • Communications
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The HR capacity and capability needed during transformation, such as a merger, disentanglement, reorganization or sale, usually exceeds the internal means. There are different ways to resource these and this is where our way of working stands out in our field:

Working with a completely freelance-based team provides a uniquely adaptable and ‘pay-as-you go’ transition solution this allows you to control transformation costs while getting high skills value.

A transformation is a lengthy process, requiring different capabilities at different stages. Agility in capability and capacity (even for individuals) is needed to deliver targets without waste. Keeping the transformation cost under control is paramount for success. Combined with the flexible cost base we provide, paying market value for skills (and not for brand!) provides a strong business case.

We provide the strategy, structure, leadership, energy and expertise to empower your business and internal HR team(s) to evoke the desired change themselves.

The success of a transformation depends on acceptance more than on a clever design. If management/HR builds their own design and execute their own workforce transition, they are 100% motivated to make the outcome successful. This journey makes the people and the organization take a major step on the road to corporate maturity as it is a learning pressure cooker!

Both the solution and the team we assemble are tailored exactly to what is needed.
No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions that we implement again and again, but a customized solution for you that fits like a glove. All our services are available as a whitelabel, meaning, created in your branding. In many cases this is of importance, for example when informing a works council, negotiating with a union or setting up a Joint Venture.

Every transformation is different. It requires an extensive toolbox, but moreover the ability to rise above standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions and to deliver high-end custom plans and strategies. Deep understanding of the challenge at hand and setting up the right team with the right capability gives us a flying start.


Mergers & Acquisitions

‘From due diligence to post merger integration’

Whether Mergers, Divestitures and Acquisitions are an integral part of your growth strategy or if it is a one-off opportunity, the most essential part is to pursue them in a way that creates long term value for your business.

Today more and more businesses in different sectors choose to look beyond organic growth and expand by M&A. However, many are not able to capture the synergy benefits they aimed for. Additionally, in our view the people factor is often overlooked, leaving value on the table. We have a proven track record in providing end to end HR guidance and support during mergers & acquisitions, separations and divestitures. Our contribution allows you apply some of the generic key factors for success:

  • HR Due Diligence: thorough HR DD allows you to spot synergies, use data analytics to do fact based HR valuation supporting the negotiations and provide detailed future organization option scenario’s, and already prepare for integration
  • Organization Integration Strategy: guiding the business management in developing the desired end-state, capturing strategy, processes, structure, people, rewards and governance including setting up temporary service agreements to allow for business continuity
  • People strategy: creation and rapid execution of a people agenda to ensure key people (such as commercial, technical, IT and financial) are retained and motivated. We have an eye for (Cross-) Culture Integration & Leadership programs development
  • In addition, we can provide robust program management; overlooking the work streams that allows your teams to excel.

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Business Restructuring

‘Fit for growth’

Today, for many businesses the environment they operate in, is changing faster than ever. Whether it’s a swing in customer demand in type or volume, shareholder interests, slowing economic growth or competitors changing the playing field, most organizations get at times to a point when they need to rethink and adapt.

Business leaders usually aware of choppy waters ahead and in search of a solution that provides them the option to reduce costs and risk whilst maintaining resilience and growth potential. Downsizing ‘cut-and-dry’, although at times needed, in many cases brings unnecessary damage to the organization;

losing key talent, knowledge drain of expertise and customer relations, harmful for (employer-) brand and thus for future Talent Acquisition, and the list goes on.

With our model we provide our customers the opportunity to restructure and downsize their organization whilst mitigating these risks and potential ‘harm’ and be ready for future growth. More importantly even, once implemented it will provide the ability to adjust organization capacity/resources to a changing/volatile environment.

We are highly experienced in developing and executing restructures from A to Z. From guiding your business leaders to shape strategy and develop a new organization design, to negotiations with Unions/Work Counsels, Workforce transition planning whilst adhering to local legislation, Leading the process of mass exit conversations and finally outplacement strategies of redundant employees. Throughout the whole process we ensure commitment and support from the people, which is in our view trivial for success.

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Change Management

‘Change is the only constant’

Change in any organization is challenging, whether it is changing the structure of the organization or culture and behavioral change. Adapting to a changing environment is one of the success factors, vital even, for a sustainable future for well performing organizations today.

However, bringing change is never a smooth process, it requires a lot of attention, time, resources and perseverance to achieve a proper change. If change is seen as an opportunity to improve (continuously) and maintaining in control of the future path of the organization, the positive impact can be extensive.

We have knowledge and experience in both cultural and organizational change in various organizations. We have seen the importance of sufficient emphasis, capacity and resourcing for change processes that impact the structure, way of working and/ or DNA of the organization. We are eager to guide and support your organization during this journey.

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HR Resourcing Solutions

‘Value through people’

In many of our assignments, whichever type of HR transformation we are involved in, we are asked to guide the HR team to take the next step into more business-oriented, data-driven HR. This usually creates career opportunities for the existing team, but at times also requires the need to attract the right additional people from the external market.

In these situations, HR Transition can support its existing clients in providing specific resourcing services and solutions.

Characteristic of the recruitment and selection method of HR Transition BV is the close involvement with your organization and with our candidates as the basis for a stable and long-term cooperation. We assume a high level of service and will only propose the most suitable candidates.

Based on the provided job profile that we often help create, and interviews with key figures within your organization, we will start the search for suitable candidates. All candidates will be screened and if proven suitable, the candidates will be all interviewed by HR Transition.

Candidates will be thoroughly informed about the vacancy and your organization to ensure they make a well-informed decision to be introduced and come to the interviews well prepared.

We fully guide the recruitment process and the candidates from the creation of the vacancy to employment and – if applicable – onboarding to unburden the organizations’ workload.

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Business Process Redesign

‘Reshaping for customer value’

Best in class companies are able to unlock their full potential. Using BPR and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we help you redesign and optimize your core business process  and ensure business centricity of supporting processes. Relying on our HR foundation, we distinguish ourselves from others, being able to facilitate the culture change and any structure and workforce changes needed.

Making use of Lean Six Sigma as one of our main methodologies, we ensure the redesign is a collaborative team effort and focuses on improving performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. The aim is a significant improvement in your performance measures. Key takeaways are:

  • BPR is a complete overhaul of a company’s processes in order to achieve a boost in performance measures
  • The complete range of core processes can be redesigned: from manufacturing to services and sales. As long as the business significantly improves effectiveness.
  • This provides the ingredients for overall organization culture change and a rigid focus on your Customer.

At times this requires a complete overhaul and thus a potential downside is that possible impact on the workforce (changes to the nature of roles and layoffs) may disrupt business continuity. This may cause the process to be costly and time consuming before the results can be harvested. Our strong background in HR and restructuring allows us to help you to overcome resistance and get your people’s support for the changes. This enables a smooth change phase and workforce transition. Last but not least we facilitate Leadership in building their teams and achor the cultural change as well.

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HR Transformation

‘Business driven HR’

In many organizations the acceleration that the right people in the right organization setup can bring is fully recognized. However still today we encounter few organizations that are able to reap this benefit. In many cases this is caused by a lack of connection between the HR function and the business.

Our approach allows the HR function to grow into a true business driven domain. We do so by implement a phased change approach: first off all we ensure the HR Foundation is strong. Supporting processes should not be a discussion. Next, we focus on building the HR function from the inside out, the team is in charge of the functions development. We do so by applying for example Lean six sigma techniques and ensure the mind-shift is realized by breaking out of old patterns. In addition we ensure the HR function reshapes itself around the core processes and the value stream of the company in doing so the modern HR professional is able to discuss business strategy topics and the way HR can accelerate this. The team will require additional skills such as process optimization, (HR-) Data analytics and forecasting. These will both be acquired by training the current team and at times adding fresh talent into the organization. Many times our network of HR professionals provides the perfect match.

  • Whilst (re-building) the HR Function we build up the new team (processes, people, etc) and ensure a stable organization prior to downscaling the interim capacity.

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