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Stay ahead in the field of HR transition and read our latest insights below. In the news section you will find a selection of press releases about projects we work(-ed) on and interesting news items.


Tim Harmelink joins AS Watson Supply Chain organization in the role of HR Business Partner (Nov 2022)

With our new valued customer, AS Watson, we have worked intensively on supporting their transition towards a new & improved HR Management set up as well as expansion of the HR Supply Chain team. Initially starting with an interim HR resourcing solution in the Supply Chain Management Team and now with the joining of Tim Harmelink in the position of HR Business Partner for the Supply Chain team focused on further expanding and developing the new e-fulfillment distribution location in Ede. Congratulation and good luck Tim in this new endeavor!

Manon Tibben & Maroucha Kruissink join AS Watson Learning & Development team (Oct/ Nov 2022)

Over the course of 2022 we have worked closely with AS Watson on several resourcing solutions contributing to further strengthening their HR organization. Initially starting with interim resourcing solutions in the Learning & Development department as well as the HR Supply Chain Management Team, we are now happy to see the L&D team completed with the start of Manon Tibben in October and Maroucha Kruissink in November. With a completed team at full strength, challenging projects, team building sessions and the holiday season ahead of them, we wish them a great start and future career at AS Watson!

Successful project delivery @ PVH Corp. (06/2022)

In June, 2022 we successfully finalized our project for PVH Corp. We provided our support and guidance during the establishment of a new regional office location in Dubai and relocating an entire team from their base in Amsterdam to the UAE region.

De Clercq Advocaten & HR Transition organize webinar 'Survival of the fittest' (06/2022)

Today we had the pleasure of entering into a dialogue with De Clercq Advocaten during the webinar ‘Survival of the fittest’ ‘How to adjust in time reduces impact and maintains vigor’ about how organizations can respond to the changing market situation.

Kholood Agha joined PVH Dubai as HR Manager (04/2022)

What an exciting start! Just after the lift and shift to Dubai, we have been able to recruit Kholood for the PVH Dubai team. She will continue our work there, building up HR and helping to make PVH Dubai a great place to work and an employer of choice in the region! Congratulations on this exciting position!

Gülén Karakis joins A.S. Watson (03/2022)

This month Gülén Karakis joined the A.S. Watson HR Transition interim team in the role of HR Manager Supply Chain & eFulfilment a.i.
Wishing her success in her assignment and looking forward to our cooperation in the coming period!

Tanja Snoeren & Saskia Hoogeveen kicking of their L&D assignment @A.S. Watson (01/2022)

We welcomed AS Watson to our client network and we are proud and happy to be able to provide the corporate BeNeLux HR team with the right resources to boost the challenges in the L&D field. Wishing Tanja en Saskia success in their assignment!

PVH ‘Lifts & Shifts’ sales organization to Dubai (01/2022)

Halfway through 2020, we have been asked to guide the MEA+ regional Commercial team during their people transition towards setting up a new office and relocating the activities and team from Amsterdam to Dubai, UAE. This month, they have opened the newly established office in Dubai onboarding their great and enthusiastic ‘something old something new’ team.

‘Fertiglobe Surges 20% in Abu Dhabi Debut After $795 Milion IPO’ (09/21)

In September 2021 we were asked to rejoin Fertiglobe (after our work on the merger between OCI’s MENA assets and the Fertil assets of ADNOC). Our assignment this time was to further develop the HR Foundation in preparation of the  IPO and the first 90 days after.

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Apollo Vredestein BV announces specialization Enschede plant (03/2020)

On March 5th Apollo Vredestein announced the restructuring of the Enschede plant and the European headquarters in Amsterdam. HR transition has been engaged to guide the organization through the first phase of the process.

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Completion Joint Venture OCI and ADNOC (09/2019)

OCI NV and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced the completion of their transaction to combine Adnoc’s fertilizer business into OCI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nitrogen fertilizer platform.

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Annemiek Priester joins OCI NV as HR Manager International (09/2019)

We are proud and happy to congratulate Annemiek Priester in her new role as International HR Manager at OCI NV. Per September 1st, 2019.

Annemiek and our interim team will be working side by side on the OCI NV Corporate HR Team on OCI’s many exciting business initiatives.

For us, our interim HR transition activities go hand in hand in strengthening our internal HR team and thanks to our strong network in the HR community, we were able to facilitate this transfer.

While on assignment with OCI NV, the corporate HR environment vastly expanded in scope, resulting in a highly increased workload, as resourcing was already quite lean. During all our assignments, increasing the maturity and strength of the existing HR team is always a goal. Confident that we had the right candidate in our network, we were happy to offer our help in the search for experienced, strong HR professionals. To learn more about our interim HR positions. Click here…

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Fragment of Webinar ‘Survival of the fittest’ about the current economic climate

During the Webinar ‘Survival of the fittest’ we talked with Sacha Krekel and Renée Huijsmans of De Clercq Advocaten about the ‘cocktail’ the current economic climate is serving us and how to anticipate on this as an organization.

Fragment of Webinar ‘Survival of the fittest’ about the importance of emphasis on the change process

During the Webinar ‘Survival of the fittest’ we talked with Sacha Krekel and Renée Huijsmans of De Clercq Advocaten about the importance of putting emphasis on the change process itself during times of impactful organization changes and how this can be vital for overall success.

HR Transition article (10/2020): ‘2 ways HR can boost Merger & Acquisition success’

HR Transition’s Co-Founder & Transition Director, Haakon Scheepens, has written an article about the role of HR in Mergers & Acquisitions. Read the article here

Interview International HR (7/2020): Ultimately, HR is HR, no matter where you are

HR Transition’s Co-Founder & Transition Director, Lydia de Klerk, on the JV project for OCI and international HR. Read the interview here.