Interim professionals

Challenging assignments
with inspiring professionals

We highly value the strong network of interim professionals we were so fortunate to build over the years. Because of them, we can add value to our customers, deliver tangible and excellent results, and go to work with a smile on our faces! We invest time and effort in keeping our network ‘alive and kicking’ by means of regular contact, connecting people, best-practice sharing, fun events and regular networking dinners. This is a mutual interest we share throughout our complete interim network.

We aim to develop a trusted partnership with our fellow interim professionals, resulting in them choosing our assignments over other requests and even deferring assignments to our network in cases where this benefits the customer and/or envisioned result.

Each interim professional continues to remain independent and self-employed, working with HR Transition on occasional and flexible basis, if and when the capabilities required for the assignment and schedules can be aligned. Overall costs are limited as HR Transition does not have an office location, since we are always on site, working side by side with our customers.

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Why our fellow interim professionals choose to work with HR Transition:

  • We are able to leverage their candidacy for challenging assignments we find.
  • Synergy: our value as a team is higher than our individual value
  • Working through HR Transition reduces legal risks
  • Having a laugh together is as important as delivering results for our client.
  • We join forces on assignment basis, thus they maintain their independence.
  • Swift payment of invoices; we take pride in swift payment.
  • Becoming part of a large, strong network of like-minded people

As a collective, we are able to compete with the largest consultancy firms as we work with the highest skilled experienced professionals, are able to assemble the right team fast without the overhead and ‘bulkiness’ that larger firms bring.

The base of our network is formed by the professionals we already know and trust. Additionally, with each assignment, we meet and experience new professionals in the process. We continue to expand, leverage and increase our existing network of professionals to find like-minded people with similar goals.

If this caught your attention, please contact us here for a call or a cup of coffee to find out more about what we can do for you. We are always looking to expand our interim network with experienced:

  • HR Directors and Managers
  • HR Consultants & Program/ Project Managers
  • Financial Controllers with a ‘touch of HR’
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts & Business Process Redesign Consultants
  • (HR) Strategists and Organizational Development experts
  • Data Analytics specialists
  • Lawyers with Labour Law background
  • Talent Acquisition specialists (generalists or specialized)
  • Communication Specialists (experience with reorganization)

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What our interim colleagues say about us:

For me HR transition stands out in expertise, professionalism and hard work. On top of that, they are great people to work with.

Peter van der Linden, Legal Counsel, LindenLabourSolutions.

In my opinion, Lydia and Haakon (HR Transition) are extremely professional and an authority in their field, which, combined with the right dose of perspective and humor makes me a fan 😉

Noortje Poot, Employer Brand Specialist, Pootentieel Recruitment Marketing

They are very meticulous in matching the professional with their clients ensuring an accurate and relevant placement. This means I am also challenged on the content side during my assignment

Saskia Hoogeveen

They are great sparring partners; solution driven, realistic and very professional. They simultaneously support me as a professional as well as managing the client’s interests

Tanja Snoeren

Lydia & Haakon have impressive expertise in HR practices in the UAE region. I am glad that I had this opportunity to work with them, and hope our paths cross again

Rana Berjas