‘Your transformation dealt with effectively’

‘We accelerate your strategic agenda during change, by providing expert knowledge and tailored resources in order to create long term value.’


We guide our clients through challenging transformations. Together, we define the desired endstate and tailor the resources, adding capacity and expert knowledge to the internal teams when needed.

The services we provide are summarized as follows:

Mergers & Acquisitions

‘From due diligence to post merger integration’

Business Restructuring

‘Fit for growth’

Change Management

‘Change is the only constant’

Joint Venture

‘Synergy captured by integration’

Business Process

‘Reshaping for customer value’

HR Transformation

‘Business driven HR’

About us

We are a boutique HR consultancy/interim firm working for a wide range of industries, varying from large, listed companies to smaller privately owned businesses. Most of our customers operate internationally in the profit sector.

We have an extensive background in different types of transformations such as business process redesign, restructuring (downsizing/rightsizing/integration/disentanglement), culture change, HR transformation and M&A. In short: business-driven HR during organizational transformation.

This allows us to quickly get to the core of the problem, to explore and analyze the challenge ahead together with our customer and to draw up an initial solution with clear milestones and actionables. We capture the required capacity and capabilities in a resource plan that will get the job done and provide value and assistance both during and after the transition. At times we join when a transformation effort needs re-energizing.

Because we work with the best and the brightest interim professionals, who we all know and trust, we are able to swiftly scale up or down, patch into and ‘breathe’ with the organization organically. To us, a job is well done when we achieve tangible results in terms of healthy and future-proof organizations, increased revenue and engagement from the employees.
We make sure that ownership and learnings from our projects are transferred to your company, where the knowledge belongs.

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Latest assignments

At Apollo Vredestein BV we were engaged to guide the organisation through the first phase of their restructuring and specialization of the Enschede plant and the European head office located in the Netherlands.

In this assignment we have taken the lead to creating the organisation design of the envisaged organization structure and developed the request for advice including WMCO. In addition we have helped the organization to prepare for implementation.

Apollo Vredestein announces specialization

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At OCI NV, we set up a Joint Venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), merging OCI’s Fertilizer businesses in the MENA Region with ADNOC FERTIL plants.

Our role has been to initiate and manage the transition from an HR&O perspective, build the HR Function, and at times to play a role in Integration Management across the workstreams.

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Our assignment at Lely was extensive, as we had a leading role in the disentanglement of this internationally established, family-owned business.

We were involved in the redesign of the new Lely Organization focused around robotics and data, and in the reorganization and sale of the Forage business.

Lely announces sale of Forage activities

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News & Insights

Apollo Vredestein BV announces specialization Enschede plant.

On March 5th Apollo Vredestein announced the restructuring of the Enschede plant and the European headquarters in Amsterdam. This will lead to an estimated reduction of 750 out of 1200 positions. HR transition has been engaged to guide the organization through the first phase of the process.

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Completion Joint Venture OCI and ADNOC

OCI NV and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced the completion of their transaction to combine Adnoc’s fertilizer business into OCI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nitrogen fertilizer platform.

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